Most importantly, please get the full details when you get any phone calls that appears to be official in nature. In most instances, the "scammer" will have a portion of your information to appear convincing. Make it a point to request further details like your correspondence address to verify whether they indeed have your personal and sensitive information. Secondly, do not deal completely over the phone. Upon gathering all the details, inform your caller that you will deal with them at the nearest branch or office. If you had been informed that the said branch is far from your location, please insist on going to the nearest branch for verification purposes. It must be noted that in this digital age, every branch / office is connected to each other. Thirdly, do not make any hasty decisions. Always remember that you will always be given ample of time to make your decision and there is no such thing that you have to make split second decisions. Take your time and consult with whomever necessary before making any decisions. Finally, also have faith in the Malaysian Legal System. If you have not committed any wrong doing, do not fear. Even if you have been falsely accused, your will be given the opportunity to defend yourself via the existing legal framework. Being accused does not automatically mean that you are guilty and that you have to instantly make it go away. Please watch the attached video clip (in Bahasa Melayu) for better explanation on the said topic. Podcast link (Spotify) attached at the bottom for the audio podcast.

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