First of all, try to first gather some thoughts to why you are lodging the said police report. The contents of your police report should mirror what you seek to achieve by lodging the said police report. For an example, if it is for the purposes of making an insurance claim then ordinarily it should contain the details of your losses. Subsequently, also remember to state all the relevant details in your police report. This is particularly helpful to the investigation officer. In a motor vehicle accident matter, it will be prudent to state the location of the accident, parties involved, manner of which the accident took place, the damages to your motor vehicle, and any injuries sustained. Given the growth in social media nowadays, please do not lodge a police report to further your personal agenda. Do not campaign or have trial by media where the police report is used purely for the purposes of self-promotion. It must be noted that victors are not decided based on who lodges their police report first. It also does not mean automatically that you are in the right. This goes without saying, but do not lodge a false or fraudulent police report. No matter what is your intentions or what were promised, this will not end well for you. Kindly note that you can be charged for lodging a false / fraudulent police report and this does not go away merely by you withdrawing your police report upon being caught. Please watch the attached video clip (in Bahasa Melayu) for better explanation on the said topic. Podcast link (Spotify) attached at the bottom for the audio podcast.

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