When you attend court, please bring your identification documentations. Your identification card will be needed as the Court needs to verify that you are indeed the right person and not an impersonator. If you are representing a company / organisation please bring along the letter of authority authorising you accordingly. Kindly also note that when a question is posed to you by the lawyer, do not rush to answer and take your time to understand the question first. In most instances, there could be multiple aspects to the question and by rushing to answer the question could mean that you have only partially answered without understanding the full context of the question. It is also pertinent to note that you are allowed to ask for the questions to be repeated if you are unsure or did not hear it right the first time around. This is well within your rights as a witness and the Court's concern is to ensure that you only answer questions that you fully understand. Next is about questions which is a suggestion-based question which requires you to either answer as agree or disagree. In most circumstances, witnesses feel compelled to explain their answers, which is not desirable. Allow lawyers on both sides and judges to evaluate your answers first and if there is a need for further clarification the follow up question can be addressed to you. Subsequently, it is also important to be truthful in your evidence in Court. Only answer questions that you are sure of the answers and it is fine to answer “not sure” when you are uncertain. There is absolutely no compulsion to confine your answers to either Yes or No when you are not sure. Finally, by default you are required to testify in Bahasa Melayu in Court. Witnesses are rarely given an option to choose the language. Witnesses by virtue of being a Malaysian citizen are expected to be able to converse and testify in the said language. However, evidence in other languages can be allowed via the use of an interpreter with the permission of the Court. Please watch the attached video clip (in Bahasa Melayu) for better explanation on the said topic. Podcast link (Spotify) attached at the bottom for the audio podcast.

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