First and foremost, please do your due diligence and check if the lawyer that you are appointing is indeed a practicing lawyer. You can go to the Malaysian Bar website and key in the details of the said lawyer and the law firm to determine if the person is indeed a lawyer. Apart from that, kindly also take note that many lawyers nowadays provide free consultation and thus you can first consult a lawyer to determine the direction your case. Always get further details from the said lawyer as to the total legal cost and the estimated timeline. Kindly also be warned and please refrain from dealing with any agents / touts who claims that they can resolve your case in some “mysterious” ways. Do take note that there is no short cut in resolving your legal woes. It is not worth it to risk being charged with bribery on top of your current legal despairs. It is also worth exploring other alternate dispute resolution methods especially when legal cost is a big stumbling block. Always speak to your lawyers to seek other alternatives. One prime example is the use of mediation process where it is voluntary between parties and the solution given by the mediator must be acceptable by both parties as opposed to adversarial system (winners and losers) process of the legal system. Please watch the attached video clip (in Bahasa Melayu) for better explanation on the said topic. Podcast link (Spotify) attached at the bottom for the audio podcast.

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