What to do when you are involved in an accident from the perspective of a lawyer? First and foremost do not rush to stop in the middle of the road. Please look for a safe location to stop your vehicle and whenever possible do stop at emergency lane or utmost left lane. Subsequently proceed to contact your motor vehicle insurance provider and enquire if there is a free towing service ( if available). Always tow your vehicle to the police station for the purposes of documenting the respective damages before proceeding with repairs. Please contact the ambulance in the event there is a victim injured as a result of the said accident. When lodging a police report, always ensure all details are noted, especially the location the accident, time of the accident, vehicle registration number of the vehicles involved in the accident, damages to the vehicle and any injuries (if injured). It is also important to submit recording from dash cam and pictures from the scene of accident to the investigation officer. There is no pressing need to appoint a lawyer in the event injuries were sustained. The victim can take their time to focus on rehabilitation and recovery before proceeding to appoint a lawyer and there is no need to be compelled to follow the persuasion of a friend, agent, runner or any other parties. Please watch the attached video clip (in Bahasa Melayu) for better explaination on the said topic. Podcast link (Spotify) attached at the bottom of you want to listen to the audio podcast.

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